SmackDown Viewership, What Was Cut From RAW On Hulu Plus

– Friday’s SmackDown drew 2,884,000 viewers, down from the previous week.

– Here’s this week’s edition of “What Was Cut From RAW On Hulu Plus,” courtesy of Kaleb Perkins:

* The video package on Mick Foley being the first inductee in the 2013 Hall of Fame.
* Big Show vs. Zack Ryder and Big Show’s post-match promo
* Heath Slater vs. Ryback and Ryback’s post-match promo
* Dolph Ziggler’s entrance for his Beat the Clock Challenge match with The Miz.
* Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox
* The entrances of Sheamus and Wade Barrett for their Beat the Clock Challenge match against each other.
* Alberto Del Rio vs. Tensai and Del Rio’s in-ring promo

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