Snitsky's Teeth, WWE Referee Fired Over Drug Issues, Plan For Cody Rhodes


— Gene Snitsky had his teeth dyed to give it that mustard-like brownish and yellow color. He wasn’t asked, he just went out and did it on his own to show his commitment to the character.

— WWE has started making plans for Randy Orton to wrestle Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam. WWE is trying to make a star out of Cody and were pleased to see the crowd take to him and start chanting his name on Raw on Monday.

— Chris Kay, who was a referee on SmackDown, was fired due to repeated drug test failures. He came up through OVW, made his debut on Raw in 2004, then moved to SmackDown in 2005. He was recently under a 60 day suspension due to a drug test failure.

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