*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings Results For Friday

WWE taped this week’s episode of Smackdown on Tuesday night from Lafayette, Louisiana. Here are ongoing spoiler results:

– John Cena came out and talked about WrestleMania XXX, declaring that we are now entering a new era in WWE. Cena said that he is the measuring stick and the standard bearer – and anybody who wants to be somebody has to go through him. The Wyatt Family appeared on the big screen. Bray Wyatt said he can’t stop smiling and that he will have to go to new extremes to bring the monster out of Cena.

– Cesaro defeated Big Show by DQ. Paul Heyman came out and introduced “The King of Swing” – who did not come out to entrance music. Heyman was on commentary for the match. The crowd was mixed towards Cesaro, who worked mostly as a heel. The match when Jack Swagger came out and put the ankle lock on Cesaro. Cesaro performed the Neutralizer on Big Show after the match was over.

– Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Los Matadores.

– Rob Van Dam defeated Damien Sandow. RVD cut a short promo before the match and was very over with the crowd.

– Hulk Hogan came out and talked about WrestleMania becoming “YES-lemania.” He called out Daniel Bryan, who said this is the best week of his life. Aside from his big win at WrestleMania, he’s getting married to Brie Bella as well. Bryan talked about idolizing Hogan as a child and requested for Hogan’s music to be played. Hogan and Bryan did Hogan’s signature posing routine in the ring and Hogan then started a Yes! chant. The crowd went nuts for this.

– Bad News Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston. The crowd was very split for this match.

– Fandango defeated Santino in a short match. Santino had Emma with him, while Layla was in Fandango’s corner (no Summer Rae).

– The Usos and Daniel Bryan fought Kane, Batista, and Randy Orton to a double count out. The heels spent most of the match beating down one of the Usos. He finally tagged in Daniel Bryan and the place erupted. The Usos and Daniel Bryan did a spot where all three men dove through the ropes onto the heels, which got a big pop. Both teams got counted out.

Orton and Batista then destroyed the Usos in the ring. Kane was about to hit Daniel Bryan with a steel chair when The Shield appeared from the crowd. They chased off Batista and Orton. Kane was about to use a steel chair on The Shield until Daniel Bryan knocked him out with his running knee. The show ended with The Shield and Daniel Bryan celebrating together.

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