"Stone Cold" To Honor Jim Ross, Matt Hardy Injury Update, Chris Jericho Signing

— Chris Jericho will be signing Fozzy’s new CD, Chasing the Grail, this Tuesday at the Mohegan Sun Casino starting at 2:00 p.m. For further information, click here.

— Matt Hardy has been diagnosed with a deep bruise in his bicep muscle. It was originally feared that he had teared it during WWE’s ongoing tour of Europe.

He wrote the following on Twitter regarding the injury: “Thx 4 the well wishes on my arm injury, all are much appreciated! My bicep & shoulder muscles are deeply bruised & strained, but not torn. Haven’t missed any of my matches or appearances, nor will I on this tour. I’m working in pain, but attempting to work as smart as possible.”

— Jim Ross noted in a recent blog post that Steve Austin will be in Las Vegas this Wednesday to introduce him at the Cauliflower Alley Club’s 45th Annual Banquet where he will receive the Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award.

“For Steve to make time for the CAC and for me is extraordinarily special considering that he is working overtime promoting ‘Damage’ on DVD and preparing to promote his June DVD release entitled ‘Stranger’,” Ross wrote. “Steve couldn’t be busier but he’s excited about CAC and being there on a special night for me.”

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