The Netherlands and Belgium will host Women’s European Championship 2015

After Germany and Switzerland in 2013, Women’s European Championships will be held in two small, but very deserved countries.



Venues of the event will be the state of the art facilities available in Rotterdam (venue of the finals), Apeldoorn, Almere and Antwerp. With a long tradition in Volleyball and a long-lasting experience in hosting major events, not to forget the support of the local authorities, these countries promise to contribute a real Volleyball “fiesta”.

With Belgium having already hosted the prelims of the Champs in 2007, the European Championship are returning back to the Netherlands after they were held there in 1995. The ultimate goal is to make Volleyball more popular and cool for the young generations with special actions starting in school and colleges already in 2014, with a Volleyball festival for all finally combined with the European Championship.  


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