The Rock, Paul Heyman, Ryback & More Hype Elimination Chamber

With WWE Elimination Chamber just a few hours away, several WWE personalities have been hyping the show on Twitter. Here’s what they’re saying:

Paul Heyman: “Possession is 9/10s of the law. @CMPunk is STILL your reigning defending @WWE Champion! #EliminationChamber”

Jack Swagger: “TONIGHT @WWE #EliminationChamber It begins… Open your Eyes. #RealAmerican”

Alberto Del Rio: “Tomorrow at this time I will be in the ring with the big Show and I’m going to shut his mouth once and for all That’s a promise WHC/ADR”

Ryback: “Get hit hard. Stand tall shake it off. Hit back way harder. #FeedMeShield”

The Rock: Pre-match clanging & banging. #EliminationChamber Walk in. Bring it. Walk out. @WWE Champion #GameDay”

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