TNA's YouTube Account Gets Suspended, Russo Tries To Get Konnan; Kazarian

partial source: Wrestling Observer

— When you go to TNA’s YouTube account (, it says that the account has been suspended. Whenever you go to the front page of TNA’s official website, the daily “TNA Today” video — which is hosted on YouTube’s server — would automatically play. They currently have the code for the latest “TNA Today” video embedded on the front page, but it says that it’s no longer available to play. This is the second time in which their account has been suspended from YouTube. In mid-2006, they couldn’t serve the “Global iMPACT!” video on YouTube servers anymore, supposedly because they were using too much of YouTube’s bandwidth. They were allowed to host videos again a few months later.

— There was talk about Konnan returning to TNA because they had an angle for him. Vince Russo was trying to smooth things over between Konnan and TNA because he wants to use him on the show. Apparently, they’ve hit a snag as a return to TNA for Konnan is definitely off the cards again.

— The official TNA website has a mostly in character interview with Kazarian. You can read it at this link.

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