Update On WWE Signing Lucha Champion Dos Caras Jr.

Source: Kris Zellner

As we reported earlier this week, there is a lot of talk that CMLL World Heavyweight Champion Los Caras Jr. had agreed to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dos Caras Jr. cleared his situation involving CMLL & WWE up on Friday saying that he definitely plans on staying with Mexican promotion EMLL for the rest of the year after meeting with EMLL personnel on Wednesday. Dos said that he isn’t being offered enough money by the WWE to make him jump on a whim so he said that he would wait them out and would continue to work for CMLL for at least the next 3 months.

Dos said that after speaking to CMLL’s Paco Alonso directly, his problems with the promotion have subsided, but he said that he would still take offers although he is sticking around with EMLL.

Dos added that he will not be appearing on WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico and will finish out the year with CMLL before appearing on WWE shows.

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