“Volleyball theater”: Opinions before the Final Four

13 thousand fans supporting their team every day, 200 journalists from across Europe and somewhere in the background the players and coaches who would like to come up to expectations of sponsors, activists and their own and win Champions League. Read what the main actors of the volleyball presentation think just before competing in the volleyball theater of dreams.

Bulent Kandemir, Arkas Izmir captain
We will try to make a surprise. We are I a comfortable situation, because we are probably slightly underestimated by others. We are the first team in the history of the Turkish volleyball, which advanced to the Final Four.
Glenn Hoag, Arkas Izmir coach  
Perhaps, we are a surprise, but not a sensation. I go back after two years, because I was a coach of ACH Volley Bled in 2010. I do not feel as comfortable as captain. I am preparing my team for the tournament like for every important match.
Matey Kaziyski, Trentino Volley captain
The most interesting thing for me is the challenge system. It will be something new for my team. Obviously, I could see how it works even in tennis matches. This system will give the players and fans extra excitement. I hope our team will show a good volleyball and we will be the best in the tournament. Our confidence comes from a huge motivation to win this cup.
Radostin Stoytchev, Trentino Volley coach
I am pleased we go back to Lodz. It is always great to play volleyball at this point, with so many fans. It is an honor that for the fourth time in a row, we will play in the Final Four. The challenge system is new, but it will help in volleyball. However, I have to see how this system will work during matches. I am convinced that it will be a great feast of volleyball.
Aleksander Volkov, Zenit Kazan captain
I am very happy that the challenge system will be here. We will see how it will work, but everything will be transparent and clear.
Vladimir Alekno, Zenit Kazan coach
Poland is the world’s number one as far as organizing volleyball events are concerned. It is good to be here again. Challenge system is very interesting and it can help the global development of volleyball. Will Juantorena play next season in Kazan? Your question is too early. Now, we are focusing to win the Champions League and here he will play in Trento. 

Mariusz Wlazly, PGE Skra Belchatow captain
We have a challenge system at home In almost every match. I think the system helps, but sometimes disturbs. I hope there will not be any nervous situations on the court. We want to show our best and fight for the victory.
Jacek Nawrocki, PGE Skra Belchatow coach    
We are very happy we are in this group, along with the best clubs in Europe. I agree with Glenn that Arkas is no surprise in the tournament. They beat one of our the most serious rivals in Poland, ZAKSA Kedzierzyn – Kozle and the winner of Russian Cup. It must make a sense.

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