WEEKLY GOODS (Sept. 2-6)

Hello AW Universe,
Here are my takes on the (mostly WWE) wrestling world from the week that was.

BAYLEY! YES, finally! The full-on heel turn happened a lot sooner than I would’ve thought– I was fine with just adding just a little more edge to her style– but I’m here for it. But, it still feels like there’s some work to do: having her as tweener is fine, but get rid of the frickin inflatables, dye her jet black (no one in the women’s division has black hair right now, right?) and pull that ponytail from the side to the back.
Speaking of the Women’s Division, love the time they got this week. Lots of Sasha, Bayley, Becky, and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross with a little bit of Charlotte, a Lacey Evans win, and then some Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Yes, the division needs more talent in it, but they’re giving all these Superstars a healthy amount of TV time which is fantastic.
I’m in for AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson blazing though the locker room and taking everyone out in their way. I’m even in for them adding more members, whether it be Dolph and Robert Roode or others. But why exactly did Dolph and Roode come out to help with the beatdown? While AJ was cutting his promo on his way to the ring, he explicitly made fun of them as a team and questioned why they were the #1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championship. So was that to throw Strowman and Seth off… for whatever reason? Uh, sure. Alright…
This may be a questionable take, but I’m happy with where the Reigns Mystery has ended up. Having Rowan emerge and square up against Bryan and Reigns is refreshing rather than have a convoluted or random resolution. The one concern I do have is this setting up a Daniel Bryan face turn, which is not needed. He is doing some incredible heel work, and kept it going even when the crowd in Norfolk was whitehot for him.
This week was a tale of two crowds: Norfolk was awesome for Smackdown! Live and Baltimore was pathetic on Monday Night Raw. The only time other than the Bayley turn that they reacted at all was when Nobody #1 of the team that did the J.O.B. for The Viking Raiders said the word “Pittsburgh.” So lame.
The King of the Ring Tournament is not at all how I thought it would, and that’s great. Sure, Corbin’s going a little too deep but the matches have been good and the ending still feels up in the air. Chad Gable is getting a real nice push, which I was unsure about, but he straight up won me over after his match with Andrade. The backstage segment with Samoa Joe gives me hope that that’ll be the final, but it does seem to be building to Gable/Corbin…? But again, I will be pleasantly surprised with whatever it ends up being.
It’s becoming pretty clear that Kofi going over Orton at Clash of Champions. Which is fine, but it would’ve added more juice to the rivalry if Kofi had to fight back and earn back the title. But, the beatdowns have just been too frequent to have Kofi go down again at the PPV.
Bray Wyatt, just keep it up.

Those are my weekly takes!
Agree? Disagree? Comment below!
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