Weekly NCAA Division I, II and III Award Standings

By Matthew Holmes, NCAA

INDIANAPOLIS – The NCAA has released the updated standings for the 2014 NCAA Most Dominant Wrestler Awards, in addition to standings for the most falls and tech falls within Divisions I, II and III. These awards will be presented in March at the respective NCAA Wrestling Championships. All of the standings only include matches between wrestlers in the same division.

The Most Dominant Wrestler standings are calculated by adding the total number of points awarded through match results and dividing that number by the total number of matches wrestled. Points awarded per match are as follows:

*Fall, forfeit, injury default or DQ = 6 points (-6 points for a loss)
*Tech falls = 5 points (-5 points for a loss)
* Major decision = 4 points (-4 points for a loss)
*Decision = 3 points (-3 points for a loss)

This week a minimum of 14 matches are required to be eligible for the Most Dominant Wrestler standings. That required match total will increase by one per week until 18 matches is reached. Athletes redshirting the 2014 season are not eligible for any of the award standings.

In the Most Dominant standings, 2012 NCAA Most Dominant Wrestler David Taylor of Penn State maintains his lead with an average of 5.2 points. The 165-pounder’s tally is the highest across all three divisions. Oklahoma 174-pounder Andrew Howe checks in second with an average of 4.8667 points, while Taylor’s teammate, Edward Ruth (184 pounds), comes in third with 4.5789 points.

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,Division I Fall Leaders
1,Taylor Walsh,Indiana,157,19,59:56
2,Joe Stolfi,Bucknell,285,15,42:50
3,Harrison Hightower,Ohio,165,10,19:52
4,Kevin Birmingham,Davidson,149,10,29:13
5,Ophir Bernstein,Brown,184,9,27:55
6,David Taylor,Penn State,165,9,29:28
7,Brian Realbuto,Cornell,157,9,33:37
8,Aaron (A.J.) Schopp,Edinboro,133,9,36:34
9,Evan Henderson,North Carolina,141,8,16:40
10,Ian Miller,Kent State,157,8,16:51
,Division II Fall Leaders
1,Ian Steen,Western State,149,10,35:26
2,Edwin Cooper,Upper Iowa,149,9,14:39
3,John Austin Jones,King (TN),165,9,20:45
4,Jared Holiday,Newberry,184,9,30:40
5,Jeffrey Vesta,Newberry,125,9,40:55
6,Zachary Bennett,Pittsburgh-Johnstown,197,8,18:57
7,Brent Fickel,Ashland,149,8,33:58
8,Shelby Mappes,Indianapolis,174,7,10:18
9,Tyler Houska,Ashland,285,7,14:37
10,Evan Rosborough,Lake Erie,197,7,14:49
,Division III Fall Leaders
1,Colin Lenhardt,Johnson & Wales (RI),184,17,35:58
2,Chad Obzud,Oneonta State,197,15,32:11
3,Jamison Sacco,Western New England,285,14,21:33
4,Thomas Reyhons,Augustana (IL),184,13,31:55
5,Matthew Tuttle,Alma College,165,13,33:05
6,Tyler Brent,Rochester Institute of Technology,184,12,32:47
7,Cody Lovejoy,Ohio Northern,285,12,34:28
8,Taylor Gohn,Wheaton (IL),285,11,31:36
9,Josh Thomson,Messiah,184,11,32:47
10,Lucas Malmberg,Messiah,125,11,53:53
,Division I Tech Fall Leaders
1,Cody Brewer,Oklahoma,133,7,38:14
2,Tyler Graff,Wisconsin,133,7,40:13
3,David Taylor,Penn State,165,6,38:08
4,Edward Ruth,Penn State,184,6,39:58
5,Joe Colon,Northern Iowa,133,5,29:10
6,Logan Stieber,Ohio State,141,4,14:48
7,Chris Perry,Oklahoma State,174,4,18:04
8,Tyler Deuel,Binghamton University,285,4,19:13
9,Tyler Cox,Wyoming,125,4,21:17
10,Austin Trott,Gardner-Webb,165,4,22:07
,Division II Tech Fall Leaders
1,Austin Gillihan,Lake Erie,133,6,25:52
Click Here: Golf special 2,William Young,Newberry,141,6,29:56
3,Francis Mizia,Mercyhurst,157,4,17:46
4,Bryden Lazaro,California Baptist,125,4,19:54
5,Seiji Borja,Newberry,149,4,24:22
6,Michael Labry,Ashland,133,3,12:35
7,Kyle Williams,McKendree,149,3,12:38
8,Nicholas Leitten,Limestone,149,3,17:35
9,Helmut Rentschler,Truman,197,2,5:28
10,Chris Miller,Shippensburg,133,2,5:39
,Division III Tech Fall Leaders
1,Shane Siefert,Wisconsin-Whitewater,197,10,42:49
2,Zach Joseph,Springfield,149,6,27:47
3,Mark Hartenstine,Wilkes,149,6,29:04
4,Steven Feucht,Ohio Northern,149,5,21:20
5,Jayden DeVilbiss,Luther,184,5,25:56
6,Daniel Downes,Roger Williams,149,5,26:09
7,Collin Crowell,Roger Williams,165,5,29:53
8,Anthony Carlo,Ursinus,165,5,32:32
9,Maxx Hubbard,Wisconsin-Whitewater,141,4,19:23
10,Alex Kramer,Ursinus,141,4,20:04
,Division I Most Dominant
1,David Taylor,Penn State,165,5.2
2,Andrew Howe,Oklahoma,174,4.8667
3,Edward Ruth,Penn State,184,4.5789
4,Taylor Walsh,Indiana,157,4.5385
5,Robert Kokesh,Nebraska,174,4.3043
6,Mathew Brown,Penn State,174,4.2727
6,Aaron (A.J.) Schopp,Edinboro,133,4.2727
8,James Green,Nebraska,157,4.1364
9,Scott Schiller,Minnesota,197,4.05
10,Nick Gwiazdowski,North Carolina State,285,4.0385
,Division II Most Dominant
1,Alex Johns,Indianapolis,125,4.3684
2,Adam Walters,Findlay,184,4.2353
3,Jeffrey Vesta,Newberry,125,4.1053
4,William Young,Newberry,141,4.05
5,Jordan Basks,Central Oklahoma,149,3.9545
6,Cameryn Brady,Indianapolis,149,3.8571
7,Cory Dauphin,Central Oklahoma,157,3.8125
8,Brent Fickel,Ashland,149,3.5789
9,John Austin Jones,King (TN),165,3.5
10,Evan Ramos,Shippensburg,184,3.4375
,Division III Most Dominant
1,Nazar Kulchytskyy,Wisconsin-Oshkosh,165,5.1429
2,Cody Lovejoy,Ohio Northern,285,5.0588
3,Landon Williams,Wartburg,174,5.0588
4,Matthew Tuttle,Alma College,165,5
5,Riley Lefever,Wabash,184,4.913
6,Ryan Fank,Wartburg,285,4.9
7,Mark Hartenstine,Wilkes,149,4.7083
8,Colin Lenhardt,Johnson & Wales (RI),184,4.6333
9,Kaleb Loht,Messiah,141,4.5
10,Lucas Malmberg,Messiah,125,4.4483

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