What's the best FIFA ever? KSI, Calfreezy, Zweback & more have their say to celebrate FUT Birthday

Ultimate Team’s 10 year anniversary has had FIFA YouTubers talking about their favourite games and players and well as those they’d rather forget

To celebrate FIFA Ultimate Team’s 10-year birthday, some of the biggest FIFA personalities from YouTube and Twitch, as well as FIFA pros and personalities, have been taking to Twitter to list their favourite and least favourite editions of FIFA in the Ultimate Team era, as well as the players they’ve enjoyed using the most over these years.

The biggest name amongst them is KSI, who began on YouTube with his hilarious FIFA videos but has since transcended the game, becoming a rapper, amassing over 20 million subscribers on his channel. Unsurprisingly, his favourite FIFA was FIFA 12, which also happens to be the game which gave birth to one of his most popular series ever: Road to Division One.

KSI’s least favourite was FIFA 18, which was unanimously disliked by the personalities taking part. The game was promising on launch but repeated updates spolied the game for some fans who felt it became extremely slow paced with AI defending being too strong. KSI’s friend and fellow Sidemen member Zerka agreed that FIFA 18 was the worst but for him, FIFA 11 was his favourite – perhaps the beautiful finesse shots in FIFA 12 were not for him.

Also up for debate was the fans’ favourite and most overpowered cards. Zerka went to his favourite FIFA 11 for both answers, listing former Juventus midfielder Sebastian Giovinco as the most overpowered card he’s seen while his favourite was legendary goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni who spectacularly scored 131 goals throughout his career. KSI once again went back to his old school videos, listing FIFA 13’s Adebayo Akinfenwa as his favourite ever player and FIFA 13’s Emmanuel Emenike as the most overpowered card he’s seen.

Meanwhile, YouTubers Calfreezy and MGH both listed FIFA 15’s Victor Ibarbo as the most overpowered card. He was fast, strong, skilful and clinical in front of goal – there was very little way of stopping the Colombian. Meanwhile, Calfreezy listed FIFA 12 as his favourite game and that game’s version of Stephan El Shaarawy as his favourite. Meanwhile, MGH opted for FIFA 15 as his favourite FIFA and listed FIFA 14’s Julian Draxler as his favourite card.

Everyone mentioned so far agreed that FIFA 18 was the worst FIFA but one YouTuber with a different opinion is Zweback, who believes that honour goes to FIFA 16. Meanwhile, he answered “Gorillaz – Rhinestone Eyes” as his favourite FIFA – referencing FIFA 11 in which the song appeared on the soundtrack. As for players, Zwebeck looked to FIFA 17 with Anthony Martial as the most overpowered card he has ever seen and End of an Era Philipp Lahm as his favourite card ever.

For more opinions from the FIFA community, check out the tables below.


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Personality Known for Best FIFA Worst FIFA
Mike LaBelle YouTuber and eMLS player New York Red Bulls FIFA 15 FIFA 07 (next gen)
Mr Zaro FIFA Community Management FIFA 13 NA
Buck Army Twitch streamer and eMLS player for Colorado Rapids FIFA 17 FIFA 16
FUTWIZ Dan Co-founder/owner of Futwiz FIFA 09 FIFA 2000
FUTWeekly Ben Host of the FUTWeekly podcast FIFA 03 FIFA 16
Bateson YouTuber FIFA 12 FIFA 16
Sterren StatuSs Pro player for Excelsior FIFA 10 (World Cup) FIFA 19
Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing Former FIFA World Champion FIFA 15 FIFA 19
Tassal ‘Tass’ Rushan Pro player for FaZe Clan FIFA 12/FIFA 17 FIFA 19
Run The FUT Market FIFA trader and streamer FIFA 12 FIFA 19

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