WWE Live Event Results (4/8/15) – Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks to reader Brian for sending in these results!

Morning, thought I’d update you guys with the results from the first night of wwe’s UK tour.

Show kicked off with a triple h video hyping the tour and asking crowd in dx fashion ” are you ready”. Glasgow hydro was packed.

First match was Dean Ambrose v Luke Harper. Dean Ambrose got the pin fall.

Second was Bo Dallas v Zak Ryder, Ryder was totally over and got the pin fall.

Third was ascension v lucha dragons. Crowd was a bit meh for this one. Lucha dragons got the win.

Forth was stardust v golddust. Crowd wasn’t totally into it. Stardust got the win.

Fifth was John cena v rusev for US title. Lana accompanied rusev to ring but was ejected after 5 mins or so. John Cena got the pin after an AA.


Sixth was divas tag between Paige and niomi v bellas. Paige was super over and got the win after making a Bella tap out.

Seventh was Kane v ryback. Ryback was really over and got the win after a shellshock.

Main event was Rollins v Orton. J&J were at ringside and got involved causing a dq. All 3 got rko’d to end the show.