WWE Network Adds Chyna Collection To Streaming Service

The WWE Network is paying tribute to the late Joan “Chyna” Laurer. The streaming service added a collection of Chyna’s greatest moments and matches with WWE on Friday. Chyna passed away on April 20th from what her manager says was an accidental overdose of prescribed medication. Here’s what you’ll find in the WWE Network’s “Chyna Collection” so far:

– In Your House: Final Four – Chyna’s Debut

– WrestleMania 13 – Triple H vs. Goldust

– Raw 08/10/1998 – The DX Split

– Raw 11/30/1998 – An Evening with Sexual Chocolate

– Raw 01/11/1999 – Corporation Battle Royal – Chyna becomes entry #30 in the Royal Rumble

– Royal Rumble 1999 – Chyna paves the way for women by becoming the first female to compete in the Royal Rumble Match.

– Heat 06/06/1999 – Chyna vs. Val Venis (Qualifying match for the 1999 King of the Ring)

– Raw 08/09/1999 – Chyna becomes the #1 Contender for the WWE Title in a Triple Threat.

– No Mercy 1999 – Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Championship match)

– Survivor Series 1999 – Chyna vs. Chris Jericho (Intercontinental Championship match)

– Raw 04/24/2000 – Mamacita For Prom Queen

– Raw 09/04/2000 – Feeling The Burn of Latino Heat

– SmackDown 09/21/2000 – A Proposal For The Cover Girl

– Raw 09/25/2000 – The Right To Dream

– Raw 12/11/2000 – Dismantling The Ninth Wonder

– WrestleMania X-Seven – Chyna vs. Ivory (Women’s Championship match)

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