WWE NXT Results – February 13th, 2019

  NXT results are back and this week’s edition of NXT was rather newsworthy as it saw a couple of different developments take place. Not only did this show continue to build towards the North American title match between Johnny Gargano and The Velveteen Dream, but there were some news on the tag team front as well. Some men and women that NXT fans aren’t used to seeing every week appeared on this week’s episode, and it all began with a new match from the undefeated Dominik Dijakovic.
Dominik Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorne – 
  In what is the first match for Shane Thorne on NXT television since the abrupt end of The Mighty, he took on new NXT star Dominik Dijakovic. The size difference was on display as Dijakovic towered over Thorne when they locked up. Thorne still manages to take him down and dish out some kicks. The Australian wrestler tried to keep him down in order to win as Thorne applied a wristlock.

  Dijakovic took over out some blows to the chest and shoved Thorne down to the canvas. He grabbed hold of Thorne’s head and went right to work, but Shane Thorne ended up getting another shot in and even slammed Dominik down. This was pretty impressive given the size differential between the two competitors.
Thorne went up to the top rope, but he flew too close to the sun. Dijakovic met Thorne up top and did a moonsault off the second rope before nailing Thorne with a superkick. He then did a corkscrew plancha onto Shane outside of the ring! Finally, Dijakovic hit his Feast Your Eyes finisher to win.
Winner: Dominik Dijakovic
  The Undisputed Era acknowledged that they have suffered setbacks this year, but every team has their ups and downs. They want to regain the NXT Tag Team Championships, but it will be Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish aiming to get the titles back while Roderick Strong and Adam Cole fight for singles gold. Adam Cole will face Ricochet later in the evening and said that the “One and Only” is in way over his head. The group promised to make 2019 their year by each winning titles this year.

  A replay of last week’s six-woman tag team match was shown, which ended up seeing Io Shirai pin Shayna Baszler clean. Backstage, Shirai said that she can she knows that she can beat Baszler and wants the NXT Women’s Championship. Before Kairi Sane could chime in, Bianca Belair arrived and informed the Japanese wrestlers that she wants another shot at the belt. She warned them both to step back in line because she’s undefeated. She’s not anymore, but no one challenged her on that, so there it is.
  Humberto Carrillo & Stacey Ervin Jr showed up in the ring for a tag team match, but suddenly, Kassius Ohno came out on the stage. He called out the Full Sail crowd for their chants and smugness which, well he has a point. Ohno said that he is leaving and will be going somewhere where he is appreciated. Suddenly, Keith Lee came out and knocked him out. Lee told Ohno not to let the door hit him on the way out before allowing the tag team match to go on as scheduled.
The Street Profits vs. Stacey Ervin Jr & Humberto Carrillo –

  Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford were beloved as they made their way down to the ring. They even mocked the still knocked out Kassius Ohno as they walked past him. In the ring, Ford started the match off with Carrillo. Carrillo actually had his athleticism on display at first, but Ford was quick to show off his own skills. They went back and fourth until they reached a stalemate.
  Carrillo held out his hand for a handshake but Ford rejected it. Ford showed off a much more aggressive side in this match while Carrillo showed out his unique athleticism. Dawkins came in next but Stacey Ervin came in shortly afterwards. Dawkins speared Ervin down and dragged him over to their corner of the ring to give him the boots. Ford tags back in next and goes back to his vicious side with kicks and shard slams to the ground. They’re only able to get a two count though.
  Ervin made the tag to Humberto and took down both Profits with armdrags before hitting a moonsault on Dawkins for a two count. Ervin goes up to the top of the corner ring post and lands a moonsault of his own on Dawkins. He got a lot of height but couldn’t get the three count. Dawkins grabbed Ervin and took the youngster up on his shoulders before Ford came down with a blockbuster.
Winner: The Street Profits
.  After winning, Ford said that he wanted a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships. Both Profits said that their NXT run has been a roller coaster, but a fun ride nonetheless. They called out The War Raiders, but Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel came down to the ring instead. The NXT UK team believe that they deserve the next shot at the titles. Then, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch stormed down to the ring. Before a brawl could break out, out came the new Champions. Hanson and Rowe challenged any of the teams to make a move. As The War Raiders made their way down to the ring, they were attacked by The Undisputed Era from behind. All of the teams began to brawl, but the War Raiders were able to clean the ring in the end. 
  Johnny Gargano talked about his 2018 and when he realized that the only one who knew what was best for him was himself. He promised to defeat Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Takeover: Phoenix and says that he is on top of the world. He will defend the title against Worlds Collide tournament winner The Velveteen Dream next week.
  Taynara Conti vs. Aliyah – 
  Mae Young Classic competitor Taynara Conti faced a returning Aliyah on this week’s show. It’s been a while since either of them have wrestled on NXT, so it was interesting to see who would walk out of this one as the winner.
  Fans were behind Aliyah as she went to work on Conti, but the Brazilian took her down with an armbar. She got out though and Aliyah pulled the hair of Conti as she kicked her. Conti grabbed her foot and took her down once more for a one count. Into the corner of the ring goes Aliyah, and Conti again takes her down and goes for Aliyah’s right arm.
  Conti is fired up and goes up to the top of the ring post for a high-risk maneuver. Suddenly, Vanessa Bourne, who accompanied Aliyah to the ring, grabbed onto Conti’s foot while the referee was distracted. Thanks to the assist, Aliyah slapped on a Kimura Lock to get the victory.
Winner: Aliyah
. Before the women could leave, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir arrived and laid them both out. Angrily, the NXT Women’s Champion warned the some of the NXT women’s division not to get in the way and not to piss them off.
  The Velveteen Dream was asked if he felt pressure for his match against Johnny Gargano next week. A replay of his win in the Worlds Collide tournament was shown. Of course, last week Dream chose to challenge Gargano for the North American title. That match will take place on the next edition if NXT.
Ricochet vs. Adam Cole –
  In their first match since NXT Takeover Brooklyn last year, Undisputed Era leader Adam Cole faced former North American Champion Ricochet in the main event of this week’s program. Of course, it was about as fast-paced and exciting as fans have come to expect from these two at this point.
  Collar and elbow tie up gets the match started as Cole drives Ricochet into the corner. Ricochet fights back with some punches, dodges Cole’s offense, hits a dropkick, and then excites a tope suicida our of the ring onto Cole. On the top of the ring post in the corner, Cole tries to take control with a sunset flip powerbomb, and although he didn’t hit the move, Ricochet did injure his leg in the ring post. Cole instantly noticed this and tired to take advantage of the situation.
  Adam Cole targeted the leg and hit it in the corner with kicks and stomps while also driving the kneecap into the canvas. Cole continued to work over the leg in order to keep Ricochet down and also take away his high-flying abilities. Knee bar in the center of the ring as Cole screams for Ricochet to give up. Ricochet kicks with his other leg to give him a chance to recover.
  Cole goes for the leg once again as Ricochet does all that he can to keep him off of his tail. He hit some moves but still had trouble due to the injured leg. Using all of his strength, Ricochet went up top and then hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. After this, Cole goes back on offense and attacks the leg.
  In the corner, Cole hits some kicks of his own before dropping the former champion across his knee for a two count. Up next, Cole stands up and drags Ricochet back up for a suplex. Ricochet drops down and lands on his feet until he takes over with a front face lock. Cole reverses it and drops him across the knee again. Somehow, this still doesn’t end the match.
  Off comes the kneecap and Cole runs after Ricochet with the Last Chance. Ricochet dodges and lands a reverse hurricanrana. Ricochet then leaps onto the top rope and flips onto Coles legs with just his good leg. They traded blows in the center of the ring, but Cole took advantage with a kick to the injured leg. Superkick to Ricochet, but that still doesn’t get the job done!
  Fans chant “fight forever” as Cole drags Ricocher up to the top of the corner ring post. Cole goes up there too as Ricochet slides back down, Ricochet climbs back up next but Cole drops him onto the apron. Ricochet climbs back up and hits a hurricanrana on Cole to send him crashing down. His strength is in full display as he grabs Cole and slams him down hard to get the win.
Winner: Ricochet
. The other Undisputed Era members instantly run down to the ring and begin to beat down Ricochet. Aleister Black then came out to try and make the save but the numbers advantage was too much for both men. The Undisputed Era continued to lay them out as the Full Sail fans met them with boos. Afterwards, the four men took a moment to gaze upon the carnage they they caused as Cole warned the fans that no one could stop them. As the fans continued to boo, a NXT came to an end for the evening.
  Is Kassius Ohno really gone from NXT? Could he be coming to the main roster or is he done with WWE altogether? Hopefully, more answers on that will be provided soon. If the veteran of the NXT locker room is finished though, the brand is in good hands. The Street Profits are really emerging as a top tag team in the division and there are stars like Shirai and Dijakovic who continue to rise each week. Next week’s show will feature Johnny Gargano vs. The Velveteen Dream for Gargano’s North American Championship in the main event of the program. That is certainly one match to look forward to over the next few days. See you NXT time!

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