WWE Raw Preview: Lesnar Returns, US Title Match & Mixed Tag Match Announced

— Here is tonight’s official WWE Raw preview, the Royal Rumble go-home edition:

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview – January 20, 2020

Andrade to defend U.S. Title against Rey Mysterio in a Ladder Match

Are Rey Mysterio and United States Champion Andrade destined to do this forever? If last week was any indication, they might be. If next week is any indication, they might be ready to skip straight to the part where one of them has nothing left.

Following Andrade’s highly personal theft of Mysterio’s mask last week, it has been determined that the two will battle for Andrade’s United States Championship in a Ladder Match — a rarity for Monday Night Raw, a treat for the WWE Universe and a decisive opportunity for each Latino icon to show that they shine brightest. With pride and the title on the line, look for no stone to go unturned, no stop to go un-pulled, and no question left as to who the true champion is.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar returns to Raw

Brock Lesnar typically picks his Raw appearances sparingly, but with his eyes on a historic achievement in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, the WWE Champion is seemingly ensuring that the Raw roster remembers his name.

The Beast Incarnate will appear live on Raw for the third straight week, the latest in a string of appearances since willingly taking the No. 1 entry in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. This year’s field features no shortage of heavy-hitters proclaiming themselves as the one to oust The Conqueror, a chest-beating display that has become something of a yearly tradition in the run-up to WrestleMania. Seems like the one key difference is that they’ll get the opportunity to do so to his face. We’ll see if any of them make good on it.

Rusev & Liv Morgan to battle Bobby Lashley & Lana in Mixed Tag Team Match

Bobby Lashley defeated Rusev in their latest battle on Raw in a manner that was both demoralizing and far from decisive, as The All Mighty only earned the victory after a scuffle between Lana and Liv Morgan threw the match into chaos. Next week, then, seems to be setting up a far more definitive clash, as Lashley & Lana will team up against Rusev & Liv in a Mixed Tag Team Match that brings all corners of this tangled web together. That Lana issued the challenge was a bad sign for Lashley, who seemed aware that he had gotten lucky against Rusev and was more than ready to be rid of him. With Rusev and Liv more than willing to take another crack at their tormentors, it’s safe to say this one is going to be wild.