WWE Raw Results 7/31

WWE Raw is live tonight from General Manager Kurt Angle’s hometown of Pittsburgh. 
WWE announced the hometown Olympic hero will kickoff Raw. Angle’s son Jason Jordan will also appear on Miz TV.
Angle welcomes the crowd to the show. Tonight Raw is taking place in Angle’s home town. Naturally, this has to end with Angle getting embarrassed or beaten up, right? Angle lets us know that Big Show will face Big Cass tonight,  Angle’s son Jason Jordan will be on Miz TV, and there will be a huge triple threat match tonight between Reigns, Joe, and Strowman. Angle tries to leave but Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Lesnar and Paul Heyman power walk to the ring. Heyman tells Angle that he knows what he is doing. He sees the “angle” that Angle is playing at here. Heyman says Angle has to take the WWE Universal Championship off of Lesnar. Why else would Angle put Lesnar in this fatal four-way match at SummerSlam?

Heyman puts over the other three superstars in the match. Heyman alleges that Angle is doing this at the behest of the chairman. Heyman says he knows everyone is going to gang up on Lesnar at the PPV. We should just name this SummerSlam 2017: Lesnar loses the Universal title. If Lesnar loses the Universal title at SummerSlam, Lesnar AND Heyman will be leaving the WWE. Lesnar is not losing his title at SummerSlam. At the end of the night, there will be an announcement at SummerSlam, and it will be that Lesnar is still the Universal champion. Heyman drops the mic and walks away.
The Hardy Boyz vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
We go to the ring and out comes The Hardys as JoJo does the introduction. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are already on commentary. Out next comes Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.
We get a look at recent events between these three teams before the bell hits. Matt Hardy starts off with Karl Anderson. Matt takes control and drops Anderson with a shoulder. Matt with another takedown. The Hardys with a few tags to keep Anderson down. They double team Anderson again and Jeff Hardy covers for a 2 count. Gallows ends up coming in before some Poetry In Motion. We go to commercial with The Hardys standing tall while their opponents are down on the outside.

Back from the break and Gallows has turned it around on Jeff. Matt finally gets the tag and unloads on Anderson in the corner. Fans chant “delete!” as Matt works over Anderson on the turnbuckles. Matt hits the running bulldog and covers for a 2 count. More back and forth. Anderson blocks a Twist of Fate. Gallows ends up dropping Matt with a cheap shot.
Gallows tags in but Jeff breaks up a Magic Killer on Matt. Gallows drops Matt but misses in the corner. Matt with a Twist of Fate on Gallows. Jeff tags in and goes to the top. Jeff with a Swanton Bomb on Gallows for the win.
Winners: The Hardy Boyz

After the match, The Hardys celebrate as we go to replays. The Hardys head to the ramp and have words with The Revival, who are still at the announce desk. The two teams start brawling on the stage now. Anderson and Gallows join the fight. The Hardys whip Gallows into the LED boards. The Hardys toss Anderson off the stage next. The double team Dawson next with a pair of Twist of Fates. The Hardys stand tall for a pop. Jeff nails Poetry In Motion from the stage to the floor on Anderson and Dash. We get more replays and come back to The Hardys celebrating while the others are down.
Backstage with Dean Ambrose
Renee Young is backstage with Dean Ambrose. We see how he and Seth Rollins won last week’s Handicap Match main event, and how Ambrose refused a Shield-style fist bump after the match. Renee asks if Ambrose and Rollins are getting back together. Ambrose says they did look good out there and it did feel good but… Rollins walks up. He agrees with what Ambrose just said and believes last week was special, it felt like old times. Renee asks again but Ambrose cuts her off. He says he still doesn’t trust Rollins but maybe a small part of him does want it too. Ambrose says he was burned once by Rollins but he won’t let it happen again. Ambrose walks off and we go to commercial.
Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa w/Titus O’Neil vs Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, and TJP

Alexander tries to lock up with Nese but Nese drops to a knee to pose… for some reason.Nese locks in an arm bar but Alexander flips out of it and sends Nese flying to the mat. Daivari tags in but walks right into a deep arm drag. Swann tags in and does a front flip over Daivari. Swann takes Daivari over with a hurricanrana. Tozawa is in and Daivari drives him shoulder first into the mat. Tozawa crawls to the bottom rope, writhing in pain. O’Neil asks Tozawa if he wants to quit. Tozawa screams “NO!” at O’Neil. After the break, Daivari is working over Tozawa’s shoulder. Daivari attempts a sunset flip but Tozawa rolls through and lands a shining wizard. Tozawa tags in Swann as Daivari tags in TJP. Swann takes TJP down with a front flip leg drop. Modified rolling thunder by Swann. Alexander and Swann both dive to the outside onto Nese and TJP.

Daivari walks over to help up Nese. Tozawa flies through the ropes and suicide dives into Daivari. Swann surprises TJP with the knockout kick. Tozawa climbs up top and destroys TJP with the flying senton for the win.
Winners: Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa w/Titus O’Neil
Miz TV with guest Jason Jordan
The boos start before Miz can welcome us to another must see edition of MizTV. Miz says he can’t tell us how much he hates Pittsburgh but the show must go on. He welcomes us to the most must see talk show in WWE history. He says they always talk about what’s buzzworthy and nothing has WWE talking more than Kurt Angle revealing his illegitimate son. Miz welcomes his guest, Jason Jordan. Out he comes.
Jordan comes out with a new theme song. Miz taunts Jordan some and shows off the title. He goes on and talks about Jordan’s debut match last week, saying he is going places as the resemblances to his father are uncanny. Miz makes an offer to Jordan – for Miz to guide his career. Miz offers Jordan a spot in The Miztourage, calling it the opportunity of a lifetime. Jordan thanks Miz but says he’s good. Miz brags about what he’s done, including working the main event of WrestleMania. Miz warns Jordan about the vultures in the locker room and says Jordan needs his help. Jordan says it’s a really tempting offer and he appreciates it but he’s going to pass.
Miz asks why Jordan would need his help when his dad is the General Manager and can just hand him opportunities. Jordan says he talked with Angle and said he didn’t want any special treatment, he wants to earn what he gets. Miz mocks Jordan and calls him naive. Miz goes on and says this company will chew Jordan up and spit him out. Jordan says he would rather that happen than he be associated with someone like Miz. Miz fires back and disses Angle, saying he got the job with WWE out of pity. Miz goes on running down Angle and takes another shot at Pittsburgh. Fans boo Miz as Jordan looks to be getting upset. Jordan says Miz can say what he wants about him but if he says one more word about Kurt, he’s going to make Miz regret it. Dallas and Axel step up to Jordan but Miz calms them down and backs them off. Miz turns around with a wild shot at Jordan but Jordan ducks and catches Miz in a suplex, launching him into Axel and Dallas. Jordan leaves the ring and looks on as Dallas and Axel talk trash. They check on Miz as we go to a replay. Jordan smiles back at the ring as The Miztourage talks trash.
Seth Rollins vs Sheamus w/Cesaro
Sheamus floors Rollins with a shoulder block. Rollins surprises Sheamus with a kick to the gut, then a dropkick to the head. Rollins chokes Sheamus on the ropes. Sheamus catches Rollins with an elbow to the eye. After a distraction by Cesaro, Sheamus elbows Rollins in the face. After the break, Sheamus destroys Rollins with a rolling senton off the top rope. Rollins kicks out.
Rollins counters the ten beats of the Bodhran. Rollins goes for a springboard knee but Sheamus picks him out of midair and Irish curse back breakers Rollins. Sheamus misses an attack off the top rope. Rollins complete shots him into the turnbuckle. Sheamus decks Rollins. Rollins responds with an enziguri that sends Sheamus out of the ring. Shot of caffeine by Rollins. Rollins rolls Sheamus into the ring and sling blades him. Rollins knocks Cesaro off the apron. Sheamus attempts white noise but Rollins rolls up Sheamus for the win.
Winner: Seth Rollins
After the match, Cesaro enters the ring and the heel tag team lay out the Kingslayer. Ambrose hits the ring and unloads but they beat him down as well. Cesaro with a Neutralizer on Ambrose. The champs stand tall and pose as the boos continue. Ambrose tells them to bring it and Cesaro unloads on him with punches. Cesaro holds Ambrose up while Sheamus flattens him with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus and Cesaro do another pose before leaving the ring to more boos.
Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor Confront Each Other
Wyatt says there is no escape. Not for us, our children, and especially not Finn Bálor. Wyatt tells Pittsburg that they are pitiful. We try to hide but he is Bray Wyatt and he is every where. Bálor exists on borrowed time, just like the rest of us. Our belief in Bálor gives us false hope. Wyatt starts to laugh and falls to the mat. Wyatt asks how did it feel for us to watch what he did it Bálor last week. Did we all finally see the sometimes when you get knocked down… when Bray Wyatt knocks you down, you ain’t getting up? There is no return and there most certainly is no escape. Wyatt poses in the ring. The lights go out and Bálor appears in the ring with his back turned, doing the Jesus pose. Wyatt tries to attack Bálor but Bálor hits the Pelé kick. Wyatt falls out of the ring. Bálor hits a torpedo dropkick that sends Wyatt into the crowd.
Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman Triple Threat Match
Back from the break and out comes Samoa Joe. Braun Strowman is out next. They stare each other down as we wait for the music to hit. Roman Reigns is out next.
The bell rings and Braun drops Joe with a forearm. Reigns attacks but Braun stops him. Braun with running splashes to both men in the corners, and again to each opponent. Braun dumps Joe to the floor and goes back to work on Reigns. Braun tosses Reigns to the floor. Braun yells out about how this is his yard. Braun stands tall in the ring as we go to commercial.
 Back from the break and Joe and Roman take turns on Braun to take him down. They send Braun to the floor and go at it. This leads to Reigns going at it with Braun on the floor. They fight into the crowd and back to the ringside area with Braun in control. Joe gets involved but Reigns turns it around. Joe sends Reigns into the barrier and he goes down after a big kick. Joe and Reigns bring it back into the ring and Reigns stuns Joe. Reigns blocks the Uranage and unloads with elbows and clotheslines as fans count along. Reigns runs over Joe with a big boot. Reigns stands tall as some fans boo.
Reigns calls for the Superman punch but Joe rolls to the floor to avoid it. Reigns runs around the ring and hits a Superman punch off the steel steps. Joe goes down and Reigns gets riled up. Reigns rolls Joe back into the ring as Braun re-appears at ringside, stumbling around. Reigns calls for a spear and charges but Braun puts his boot up and it nails Reigns in the chest. Reigns goes down.
Braun lifts Reigns and drives him back into the ring post. Joe attacks Braun but Braun drops him with a clothesline. Braun sends Reigns into the steel steps. Braun runs and drops Joe with a big knee. Braun throws Reigns from the floor, through the second rope and into the ring. Braun throws half of the steel steps into the ring. Braun goes back to Joe but Joe drops him with a kick. Joe with a senton on the floor. Joe goes back into the ring and hits a senton on Reigns for a 2 count. Joe wedges half of the steel steps in the corner but Reigns counters. Joe turns that into a Coquina Clutch but Braun runs in and runs over both of them. Braun scoops Joe for a running powerslam. Joe kicks out at 2 as Reigns breaks it up. Fans chant “this is awesome” as Reigns gets up first. Braun shoves Reigns back into the corner and slams his head back several times.
Braun grabs the steps and waits for Reigns to get up. Reigns nails a Superman punch and then sends Braun to the floor with the steps. This leads to Reigns nailing a spear on Joe for the pin.
Winner: Roman Reigns
Elias vs. Kalisto
Back from the break and The Drifter is in the ring with a spotlight and a guitar. JoJo introduces him as just Elias, confirming the recent name change. Elias talks about how he’s back in the place he grew up, Pittsburgh. That gets a pop. Elias talks about Pittsburgh memories before going into a song that was inspired by the people of the city. Fans start booing as the song is a knock to Pittsburgh and the people. The music interrupts as Kalisto makes his way out.
The bell rings and Elias takes control, taking Kalisto to the corner. He backs off and they trade a few words. Kalisto fires back and applies a headlock. Kalisto keeps control and takes Elias down. Kalisto tries for a head scissors takedown but Elias launches him into the ropes. We go to commercial with Kalisto down on the outside while Elias stands tall in the ring.
Elias has Kalisto down in the middle of the ring as we come back from the break. Elias drops knees to the spine and keeps Kalisto grounded. Kalisto gets free with a jawbreaker but Elias floors him with a big boot. Elias takes Kalisto to the corner and unloads with stomps as the referee warns him. Elias with a backbreaker for a 2 count.
Elias keeps control and hits a suplex for another 2 count. Elias with a rack move now as Kalisto struggles. Elias drops Kalisto to the mat. Kalisto comes back with kicks and stuns Elias. Kalisto with more kicks and a springboard senton from the apron for a pin attempt. Kalisto plants Elias face first into the mat. Elias drops Kalisto with a knee to the jaw. Elias hits the Drift Away neckbreaker for the win.
Winner: Elias
Backstage With Alexa Bliss
Backstage, Charlie is with Alexa Bliss. Bliss says she is happy that Bayley won the number one contender’s match last week. Bliss openly admits that she didn’t want to face Banks again. Bliss says Banks isn’t here to help Bayley in her match against Nia Jax. Tonight is going to be a massacre.
Bayley vs. Nia Jax
We go to the ring and out comes Bayley. We see how Bayley became the new #1 contender last week. Nia Jax is out next.
The bell rings and Bayley attacks but Jia cuts her off. Nia tosses Bayley to the apron but Bayley fights back in. Nia is annoyed. Nia ends up dropping Bayley with a headbutt. Bayley fights back but Nia catches her on her shoulder in the corner. Bayley struggles with Nia but gets dropped. Nia sends Bayley to the floor as we go back to commercial.
Back from the break and Nia remains in control but Bayley fights back. Bayley sends Nia into the corner and nails a second knee. Bayley keeps trying but Nia catches her. Bayley fights back but Nia lifts her and slams her face first into the mat with a Glam Slam. Nia stands tall again with Bayley down on the floor.
The referee goes to check on Bayley. Nia puts her hair in a side ponytail to mock Bayley as the referee counts. Bayley barely makes it back in and Nia goes right to work on her. Bayley continues selling the shoulder injury as Nia sends her shoulder-first into the corner. Bayley fights back with kicks and punches but Nia drops her with a shoulder. Bayley avoids an elbow drop and hits a bulldog. Bayley with a dropkick to the apron.
Bayley drops Nia over the second rope and knocks her to the floor with a running knee. Bayley takes Nia down on the floor but gets up to Alexa Bliss charging. Bayley gets the upperhand but Nia sends her into the barrier. Nia charges but Bayley side steps and Nia hits the steel steps. Nia goes down on the floor as Bayley returns to the ring. Nia gets counted out.
Winner: Bayley Via Count Out 
Big Cass vs. Big Show
We go to the ring and out first comes Enzo Amore for tonight’s main event. Enzo cuts a promo on Big Cass and says he’s soft, he’s a fraud. Enzo says he isn’t out here cashing checks he can’t cash because he’s got a guy who is going to bring out his checkbook and write Cass a reality check. Enzo introduces Big Show and out he comes. Out next comes Big Cass.
Cass enters the ring and Show goes right to work on him. The referee calms things and rings the bell. They go right to work on each other after the bell. Show with a big chop to the chest. Cass fights out of the corner but Show takes him right back. Show with another big chop to the chest. Show runs into an elbow in the corner. Show blocks a whip and launches Cass over the top rope to the floor.
Show pulls Cass back up but Cass fights him. Show gets the upperhand as Enzo talks trash from ringside. Show with a powerslam and an elbow drop for a 2 count. Show keeps control and hits a suplex. Show gets a pop as he calls for the chokeslam. Cass gets up and fights off the chokeslam, taking Show down. The referee checks on Show as he clutches his left leg now.
Cass goes right to work on the injured leg and applies a submission. Show finally gets out but continues to sell the leg injury. Show fights Cass off but Cass connects with a big boot to the jaw to drop Show again. Cass goes to the second rope and comes down but Show chops him out of the air. Show with clotheslines now. Show with a big splash in the corner. Cass comes right back with a big boot to floor Show.
Cass waits for Show to get up but Enzo hits the ring and attacks Cass for the disqualification.
Winner: Big Cass By Disqualification
After the bell, Cass knocks Enzo off his back and floors him. Cass talks trash to Enzo about disrespecting him, allowing Show to recover. Cass turns his attention to Show but the veteran gets up and drops him with a knockout punch that sends them both to the mat. Show stands tall as his music hits. Enzo and Cass are both down on the mat as we go to replays. Show helps Enzo up the ramp as the referee checks on Cass. RAW goes off the air.

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