Ziggler on Ambrose’s Exit From WWE: “I Did Not See That Coming”

Dolph Ziggler recently appeared on Busted Open Radio and was asked about Dean Ambrose’s eventual departure from WWE. As previously reported, WWE confirmed that Ambrose will not be renewing his contract with the company once his current one expires in April. Ambrose reportedly turned down a five-year deal that was worth just over seven-figures per year.
Ziggler was asked about his thoughts of Dean’s exit and although it was surprising, he understands someone wanting to venture outside of WWE.
“I think he heard about my hiatus and he was just trying to one-up me,” Ziggler joked. “You know what? I’m gone for twenty years! Yeah, that was very surprising to me. I don’t know too many people who are close with him to have any insight, I really wouldn’t want to guess anything, but, yeah, I did not see that coming. I thought, ‘That guy’s always got something going on with WWE. He’s always in a prominent role, doing something great, he seems beloved by the fans.’ So, yeah, I did not see that coming. Some people like to move on and do some other stuff, I understand.”

Ziggler then talked about Ambrose being someone who does his own thing, but was always nice to him in The WWE locker room, as seen below:
“It’s hard to read him sometimes,” Ziggler responded. “A ridiculously nice guy. He loves the business, he loves wrestling. Definitely does his own thing. He’s kind of in his own world, a lot. I’m friends with his wife, Renee [Young], but Dean and I—I mean, if we’re put into a match together we would talk, or something—but otherwise. Really friendly guy, loves wrestling, loves having a good time, but definitely does his own thing and maybe he’s looking to go do his own thing some more.”
Ziggler made it to the final three in this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble Match, but was eliminated by Braun Strowman. You can listen to his full comments in the video below:

“He’s always in a prominent role, doing something great. He’s beloved by the fans. I did not see that coming.” @HEELZiggler reacts to the news of Dean Ambrose not renewing his WWE contract with @davidlagreca1 & @bullyray5150
— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) January 30, 2019

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